Everything You Need To Know About A Broker.

For those who are beginning to take an interest in forex trading, you have probably heard that in the Forex market, traders perform their operations through brokers. Therefore, a question naturally appears, what is the broker, and what does it do, and what is its difference with respect to other participants in the market.

The broker is an intermediary between your money and someone else’s money. To be able to perform trading we need a broker, charging an enumeration for the services rendered. Brokers exist in a variety of industries, which facilitate the execution of an operation and resolve the differences that may exist between a buyer and a seller.

We as individuals and not as an organization, can not go to the stock exchange and request a purchase or sale of a certain value.

The operations in the stock exchanges are carried out by professional participants of the market, in which there are the brokers who in turn offer the possibility to their clients to open a trading account and request the purchase or sale of a certain asset, which The broker is responsible for transmitting to the market where you are requesting to find your corresponding counterpart. At the end of the operation, the broker takes his commission.

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