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How To Print Screen On Android Phone?

Here is the steps I found in Managed to cached it from the broken link.

1. Search, Download and Install Steamy Window apk.
2. Run the application and tab the Back key.
3. Go to the screen you want to print screen.
4. Tab and hold the Home key.
5. Tab the Steamy Window app.
6. Wipe away all the steam.
7. Tab the Menu key.
8. Save the image.


This tips does not works in Android 2.3.4!


VMware Workstation: Operation on file .vmdk failed

I got an error “Operation on file .vmdk failed.” when i tried to boot up my virtual WinXP machine in VMware Workstation.

Here the things I tried:

a) Repaired the vmdk file –> Basic VMDK-repair know-how

b) Converted to .vhd file –> VMDK(VMWare) to VHD Converter

c) Opened the .vhd file –> Windows Virtual PC

d) Converted the .vhd file back to .vmdk file –> How to convert VHD to VMDK partition types (Convert format to VMDK)

After days of finding the solution. I figured out the simple answer is using Winimage 8.50 and open the .vmdk file to recover all your precious data.


Huawei E1550 USB 3G Modem on Windows 7

Got my USB modem dongle 1 month ago. When I connected it to my Win7 notebook, it does not seem to detect the modem but shown a removable storage that contained the Mobile Broadband Modem softwares and drivers.

After installing the software, the removable storage disappeared. Huawei E1550 USB 3G Modem was nowhere detected. Mobile Broadband Modem software prompted that the device was not connected. Try restarting Windows, but still no E1550 found.

I give-up and use the simcard on my Nexus One.

Yesterday, I tried googling for solutions, tried upgrading (I end up downgrading the firmware), but Win7 still can’t find the modem. Use my WinXP VMWare to downgrade the firmware as it detected the modem. Via Starhub’s website, it is confirmed that these firmwares supports Win7.

After getting pieces of tips here and there, today I decided to uninstall the software and driver. Put the installation software on a harddisk drive and installed it without the dongle inserted.

Shutdown my notebook and attached the dongle to the USB slot and re-powered my notebook. Viola, it started to detect the modem!

I’m getting the 3G Application Interface and 3G PC UI Interface! Load Mobile Broadband Modem and there is no more prompting of unavailable device.

Tried ways to share this internet via Access Point, but my notebook Wireless Network Connection adapter does not support Access Point, but only Ad-Hoc network.

No choice, now I had to find a portable 3G wifi router.


Posting from WordPress for Android.


Hi there, I’m trying out blogging from my Nexus One phone. Awesome!


Ann Kok Taken Aback By ‘Touch Test’

Ann Kok taken aback by ‘touch test’
TV host prods her breasts to see if they’re real because of rumours about implants
By Gan Ling Kai
June 18, 2009

LOCAL actress Ann Kok sat on the couch, ready to field questions about her family.

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE DRESS: Ann reacting during the recording of CelebriTEA Break, and shedding her girl-next-door image at the Star Awards 1996 by wearing a sexy top. PICTURES: MEDIACORP, TNP FILE TNP DESIGN: PRADIP KUMAR SIKDAR PICTURES: SONY PICTURES, MEDIACORP

But halfway through the recording of Channel U talk show CelebriTEA Break II, host Quan Yifeng suddenly asked to touch her breasts.

Ann was shocked but allowed Yifeng to prod her chest, while fully clothed, of course.

This episode of the talk show was filmed more than two months ago, and is one in the series of provocative celebrity interviews viewers will see since the talk show started its second season run on 10 Jun.

The series is aired every Wednesday night.

The episode featuring Ann, 36, will be aired next month.

During the recording, Ann was talking about her family and career path.

Halfway through, one of Ann’s friends, Mr Chen Wencong, 36, a MediaCorp scriptwriter and fellow Star Search finalist with Ann in 1993, was invited by the producers on the set.

He recounted how he was often asked by others whether the voluptuous actress has had breast enlargement.

Yifeng then spontaneously volunteered to solve this ‘mystery’ by conducting a ‘touch test’.

When contacted, Ann told The New Paper that initially, she was shocked.

‘But I wasn’t offended. It’s just to create an entertainment effect after all.’

In a separate interview, Yifeng, 35, said the test wasn’t scripted for the show.

‘We were just reacting to the flow of the conversation in the programme.

‘Although the director roughly told us what we can talk about, there are no limits set on the questions we can raise.’

She added that she was not worried that Ann would be offended, because ‘it was done in a relaxed atmosphere’.

Yifeng said although tough questions may be asked during the show, it’s up to the celebrity guest to decide how to react.

There’s no pressure to respond in any particular way. (See report right.)

And the verdict of the ‘touch test’?

Said Yifeng, with a laugh: ‘They (Ann’s breasts) are soft and must be real!’

Tyra moment

So how did Ann feel about her Tyra Banks moment?

In September 2005, the American model underwent a televised sonogram on her talk show to prove that her breasts were not fake, after rumours that she has had a boob job.

Ann said she was ‘ok, and not upset’ by people regularly speculating whether she’s gone under the knife.

But she insists she doesn’t enjoy being seen as a sex symbol.

Her voluptuous figure became a hot talking point ever since she attended the 1996 Star Awards in a peek-a-boo blouse and black bra top.

In 2004, she was voted as one of the 10 sexiest women in the world by the Singapore version of men’s magazine FHM in its annual survey, beating Jamie Yeo, Paris Hilton and Karen Mok.

And even though she played a mother of one and housewife on her last drama, Housewives’ Holiday, the episode where Ann donned a sexy bikini hit a ratings high of 977,000 viewers.

Yet, the 1.62m actress who weighs 42kg, said: ‘I don’t mind being seen as sexy, but not as a sex symbol.


‘Being sexy is not just about dressing provocatively, but also about exuding charisma.’

To her, if she’s seen as sexy, ‘that’s just a bonus’.

But above all, she wants to be recognised for her hard work in acting.

Is she concerned that this episode will return attention to her chest again?

Said Ann: ‘I don’t think that will happen.

‘Back in 1996, people were more conservative (towards dressing). But 13 years later, audiences have matured.’

Ann said there were no hard feelings towards the talk show and its hosts.

She said: ‘The show allows audiences to know more about the artistes.

‘And it gives the artistes an opportunity to share what’s in their hearts.’

Ann, who is single, isn’t just cool over talk about her figure.

She was equally cool when asked about speculation over her love life.

Shin Min Daily News reported last week that netizens claimed they saw the actress holding hands with up-and-coming actor Dai Yangtian at a supermarket.

Ann confirmed with The New Paper she had been shopping with the 25-year-old actor in Cold Storage at Cluny Court.

But she denied they were holding hands or that they are in a relationship.

Is she bothered by the talk of her snagging a younger man?

Said Ann, laughing: ‘I’m okay, I won’t be concerned about how others perceive (her love life).

‘There’s no need to hide. I’m not committing a crime.

‘I’m not the type that will avoid him (Yangtian) just because of this. We are still friends.’

But when pressed if she’d consider dating The Little Nyonya star, she demurred: ‘I don’t know. I’m a girl after all, so I don’t think of such questions.

‘We are just in the mood of being friends.’

But she admitted that Yangtian is ‘not bad’ and that he’s ‘mature and good-looking’.

She added: ‘As a friend, he’s also very sincere and gentlemanly.’

She said she didn’t think their 11-year age gap would hinder the possiblity of a relationship.

When contacted by The New Paper, Yangtian, too, remained coy, saying: ‘It all depends on fate.’

He also didn’t rule out the possibility of a future romance with Ann.

But he insisted that right now, she is just one of his two close female buddies in showbiz – the other being actress Felicia Chin.


The NewPaper


Barack Obama Is The New America’s President!

Americans elected Democrat Barack Obama as their president Tuesday, in a transformational election which will reshape US politics and reposition the United States on the world stage.

Obama, 47, will be inaugurated the 44th US president on January 20, 2009, and inherit an economy mired in the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a nuclear showdown with Iran.

He will take office with Democrats holding a monopoly in power in Washington, after an epochal election which sparked a rare generational and political realignment and finally snuffed out an era of Republican control.

Obama is promising to renew bruised ties with US allies, and to engage some of the most fierce US foes like Iran and North Korea.

He has vowed to pass tackle climate change and provide health care to all Americans.

His presidency also marks a stunning cultural shift, with Obama, the son of Kenyan father and white mother from Kansas, the first African American president of a nation still riven by racial divides.

With a stunning grassroots political movement, powered by massive multi-million dollar fundraising, Obama first beat Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party’s then preeminent political machine.

Obama strode towards victory on Tuesday by capturing the states of Pennsylvania, the key battleground which McCain needed to win to keep his long-shot hopes of victory alive.

In a sweet moment for Democrats, he also seized the midwestern battleground of Ohio and captured New Mexico and Iowa, two states won by Bush in 2004 to close out McCain’s possible route towards the White House.

McCain had argued that Obama was too inexperienced to be US commander in chief and would pursue “socialist” redistribution policies that would leave the economy mired in recession.

McCain, 72, an Arizona senator, would have been the oldest man ever inaugurated for a first term in the White House. – AFP/vm



Traffic Offence Appeal

After four months plus, here what the Traffic Police wrote:

We have reviewed your case and note that a traffic offence has been disclosed but in view of the circumstances, we have decided to take no further action against you in this instance. However, a warning will be recorded for our future reference.

Double checking the status at Singapore Police Force website, I have no outstanding summons. Yeah I saved $70! If not I will lose $70 because of the $30 Robinson vouchers.

How to write a proper appeal to the authorities?

Note: You can appeal through email to Traffic Police Feedback Unit at email address URA and HDB appeal through their websites at and respectively.


Nuffnang’s Shocking News!

Today I decided to cash out the money and found out Nuffnang had decided to impose a SGD$1 transaction fee for all cash outs. They need our SGD$1 to pay for the postage, cheques, materials, and handling cost. How can they do this to us?

Nevermind, I know they run out of advertisers and cash, oklah I act that the SGD$1 as a donation.

Time to remove their ads codes? I will think later, I hope Nuffnang.Sg merged with Nuffnang.My and let my blogs serve both Singapore and Malaysia advertisers.